Outlander Dating Brackets

Well, it’s not March but lately everyone seems to have bracket fever.
Did you catch Mashable’s Best Fictional Boyfriend bracket post this week? It’s all very fun and I was extremely excited to see one Jamie Fraser make the list. But…only one character from Outlander? That surely won’t do. How about our very own bracket, then, for something fun to do during Droughtlander?


A few words about the brackets and the polls. First, I’ve only included characters to whom we’ve already been introduced, up to the end of Season 3. This keeps everything fair for the non-readers. (Side note: if you haven’t read the novels yet I really encourage you to do so. It’s a great way to tide you over until November and I have never found the show ruined for having read the books)

Second, yes, there are female characters in the brackets. I’ve included them for the very simple reason that some members in the fandom like to date women. Just vote for who you want and let the chips fall where they may.

Lastly, there are four sets of brackets: the Fraser bracket, the MacKenzie bracket, the Claire bracket, and the Friends and Frenemies bracket. Each character is “seeded” according to my subjective ranking (1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, etc). And, believe me, I know this is all super subjective. I encourage healthy debate!

Each “round” will last a week, and then we can vote on the next batch. We will continue until we have our winner.

Have fun!

Note: the polls don’t seem to be opening for everyone on Twitter. If you’re having problems try opening in your mobile or desktop browser.

The Fraser Bracket:

1. Jamie Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser vs 8. Jared Fraser

The King of Men against a lifetime supply of wine. Decisions, decisions…

2. Fergus Fraser (adult) vs 7. Ian Murray, Jr.

French or Scottish accent? Tough choice between two cuties.

3. Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser vs 6. Yi Tien Cho (Mr. Willoughby)

One will be a beautiful grump, the other writes beautiful poetry.

4. Ian Murray, Sr. vs 5. Brianna Fraser

One is as cool as a cucumber, the other passionate as fire.

The MacKenzie Bracket:

1. Roger Wakefield MacKenzie vs 8. Ned Gowan

Your choice of two academic brains.

2. Dougal MacKenzie vs 7. Laoghaire MacKenzie MacKimmie Fraser

Arguably the two most manipulative, but sexy, people at Leoch.

3. Colum MacKenzie vs 6. Geillis Duncan

You might always be in a power struggle with whomever you go with, but at least life will be interesting.

4. Rupert MacKenzie vs 5. Angus Mhor

Sadly, only one of these two lovable knuckleheads moves on. Choose wisely.

The Claire Bracket:

1. Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser vs 8. Mary Hawkins

Two lovely ladies with a thing for Randall men.

2. Frank Wolverton Randall vs 7. Master Raymond

Two kind men, both affected by the powers of magic.

3. Joseph Abernathy vs 6. King Louis XV of France

One is king of the surgical suite, the other is king of…well, all of France.

4. Jonathan “Blackjack” Randall vs 5. Comte St. Germain

Evil never looked so good.

The Friends and Frenemies Bracket:

1. Lord John William Grey vs 8. Hugh Munro

How much do you need the finer things in life?

2. Prince Charles Edward Stuart vs 7. Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat

Delusions of grandeur, corruption of power.

3. Lt. Jeremy Foster vs 6. Ross the Smith

Two very nice men, both handy with the tools.

4. Reverend Reginald Wakefield vs 5. Father Fogden

Your choice between two men of the cloth. You must decide how jealous you could be of a talking coconut.

And that’s it! Happy voting! Can’t wait to see the next batch of winners next week.



Photos: STARZ


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