Outlander Dating Brackets: Semifinals

Hello everyone! Welcome back and welcome to fall. We are officially in the same season as the Season 4 premiere!


As for our dating brackets…and then there were four. Not too many surprises in the last round, and now we are in for some fun and interesting match-ups.

Here are the results from the last round of voting:


Jamie is the ultimate winner of the Fraser Bracket— no surprise there. Roger claims victory of the MacKenzie Bracket, no small feat considering the tough and handsome nature of those MacKenzie warriors. Claire narrowly edges out Joe in the Claire Bracket, and Lord John claims the title in the Friends and Frenemies Bracket.


Sorry, that’s looking a bit messy and crowded. But now things start to get really fun, because in this next round we see a hint of things to come. Ready to vote?

Reminders: each character is seeded and voting lasts one week. Some Twitter users have difficulty seeing the polls on their mobile device, so you may need to open the post in a different browser. Previous voting rounds can be found here, here, and here.

Have fun!

1. James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser (Fraser Bracket) vs. 1. Roger Wakefield MacKenzie (MacKenzie Bracket)


Ooohh…I really like this! I try to avoid spoilers on this site, so I hope I don’t give too much away by saying this is a little preview of Season 4. But now you get to decide: Jamie or Roger? Eighteenth century Highlander soldier and farmer versus twentieth century academian and musician? Both incredibly handsome and both play for the team of Good Guys. Jamie and Roger both do things with a strong sense of honor, often going above and beyond what is asked or expected of them. You can’t go wrong either way.

1. Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser (Claire Bracket) vs. 1. Lord John William Grey (Friends and Frenemies Bracket)

Jumping television centuries and genres a bit, I think this matchup is best left in the words of one Rachel Green:


Very interesting, indeed! Novel readers know these two have a complex relationship, one that we start to see develop in Season 4. (No spoilers for events in the later novels…you know to what I’m referring!)


The decision is yours but this is definitely a tough call to make. What unites these two is their devotion and love for Jamie and, really, for all of their loved ones. Claire and John both have strong moral compasses, largely basing their decisions and actions on a sense of integrity and what is good for the greater purpose. They are beautiful people, inside and out. So, who would you rather date?

Happy voting!

Stay tuned next week for some countdowns as we prepare for Season 4. Happy Autumnal Equinox…mind the gap.




photos: STARZ



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