An Outlander Season 3 Finale Wish List

At first I thought I might send this letter to Santa but- let’s face it- we all know who really watches Outlander in the Claus household. Make no mistake- Santa is a cuddly guy, but we know it’s Jamie Fraser keeping Mrs. Claus warm during those long, dark polar nights.

So, Mrs. Claus, I present to you my Christmas Wish List for the Outlander Season 3 Finale. I’ve been moderately good this year and everyone knows Outlander fans are always on the Nice List.

(Christmas songs hidden in the post- click links for songs and videos of my favorite versions of each. Also, I’m trying to keep this as spoiler-free as possible for the non-book readers and I hope you’ll do the same. Enjoy!)

10. A wardrobe change for Claire


Girlfriend needs new clothes. The batsuit is awesome but it has definitely seen better days. At this point it has endured blood, vomit, diarrhea, saltwater,  a jungle trek, and weeks at sea. Not to get too technical, but Claire’s also been bouncing around the tropics without any deodorant. Let the holiday bring new, clean tidings of comfort and joy.

9. More Lord John Grey


All I want for Christmas is you, Lord John. I simply cannot get enough of David Berry’s portrayal of LJG. As arguably the nicest and most honorable peripheral character he is basically like the Clark Kent of the eighteenth century. Let him duck into the nearest phone booth, rip off his waistcoat, and be a superhero in disguise. Too much? Well, let him at least somehow rescue Jamie out of prison.

8. A check-in on the twentieth century

The last we saw Brianna, Roger, and Joe they were simply having a wonderful Christmas time. What have they been up to these past few months? Is Brianna digging around for historical records? Are she and Roger still kissing beneath the proverbial mistletoe? Does Joe miss his surgical buddy? How much did Claire tell him in her letter of resignation? So many questions! Let’s see where everyone is and potentially set up plot direction for Season 4.

(Also, sorry to link to that song. I know it’s basically the worst Christmas song ever but it’s the only one that seemed to fit)

7. An epic showdown with Geillis

Oh Holy Night, indeed. We all know how Geillis feels about fire, so I am expecting nothing short of fireworks. Based on the promo it’s gonna involve mysterious chanting, standing stones, and Geillis maniacally waving a torch around Claire’s precious curls.  Bring on the crazy. I am so ready.

6. A happy ending for Yi Tien Cho


The series really did right by this character and Gary Young has done a phenomenal job of portraying Yi Tien Cho with grace, dignity, and depth. I’m totally shipping a happily ever after with Margaret Campbell. They can be two dreamers walking barefoot on some tropical beach. Mele Kalikimaka, you crazy kids.

(Having been born in Hawaii I have a soft spot for that one)

5. Ian gets rescued


This kid. Please say the war is over for our favorite hapless Murray. A printshop fire, an icy cold swim, a kidnapping, months imprisoned upon a pirate ship, forced sex with a crazy woman who has fetishes for blood and feet? There’s only so much one sixteen year-old can take. Get him out of there and then hand him a Mai Tai.

4. More sex

I’m only human. Hark the herald angels sing and joy to the world for (at least) one more Jamie and Claire scene between the sheets.

3. Just say it already


Will Claire take Jamie for the man he has become? We all know she will (because what sort of show would this be otherwise?) but sometimes we need to know for sure. Do you hear what I hear, Claire? It’s everyone collectively hoping you say you’ll stay.

2. A Merry Murtagh Christmas


PLEASE FIND MURTAGH. We know he’s out there somewhere! Please come home for Christmas, Murtagh, if only in my dreams.

(Geez, this one gets me every time. If you listen to this grab the Kleenex first)

1. A Season 5 renewal


We all know there is SO much good stuff yet to come. Reassurance of at least two more years of the best show on television would have us all rockin’ around the Christmas tree.


Enjoy the finale, everyone! Check back next week for the recap. And remember to be good… Mrs. Claus is watching.




6 thoughts on “An Outlander Season 3 Finale Wish List”

  1. I wish they would have a flashback sequence and we could see Dougal and all the Highlanders again. Why doesn’t Claire ask what happened to Murtagh? Why doesn’t Jamie mention him or try to find him? Not in the books but it would be interesting to have Jamie and Claire visit Prince Charles in exile. Have yourself a very merry Christmas all.


    1. According to Ron D Moore, Claire and Jamie would have had a conversation about Murtagh off-screen – I did wonder why on earth they would do that… after she met Fergus in Edinburgh, wouldn’t her next question to Jamie (rather than talking about old Mark Me”) be “Murtagh, what happened to Murtagh?” Would have taken seconds and answered so many fans question – “Aye, he was in Ardsmuir wi me, he was shipped to the Colonies, wi Hayes and Lesley, but they dinna know what happened to him there”


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