Dear Cait

A letter to Caitriona Balfe on the eve of her first marathon:

Dear Ms. Balfe,

I understand you are running the London Marathon this weekend in order to raise awareness and money for World Child Cancer, an organization that helps improve international treatment standards for pediatric cancer. For this you have my sincere respect and I want to let you know I have already donated. As a parent I cannot begin to fathom the difficult and heartbreaking but brave journey on which these children and families embark.

As a runner and someone who has run marathons before…I really have no advice. Everyone needs to run their first marathon for themselves and you doubtless have people in your life who are far more qualified to guide you on pacing, nutrition, and pain management. I will tell you that the physical and mental difficulty of a marathon is real and unlike most things you have undertaken before. But the euphoria that comes upon crossing that finish line is one of the best highs you can experience.

And from all of us in your Outlander fandom? Well, just know that you are a true inspiration, both on-screen and off. Over the past three years we have watched you infuse life, beauty, and gravitas into a character we all love. Outlander truly wouldn’t be the same without you.

In a marathon as busy as London you will likely have people cheering for you along your entire route. But if the voices seem louder than normal it is because you are hearing your fans applauding your efforts- whether they are right there on the sidewalk next to you or across an ocean watching your progress on a screen. You have the encouragement of all us fellow Sassenachs and we are with you every step of the way.

Good Luck.


To donate to World Child Cancer please click here.


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