38 for 38

Sam Heughan turns 38 on April 30 and I think we can collectively agree that the world is a better place for having him in it. So happiest of birthdays to the man who was born to play one James Alexander Malcom MacKenzie Fraser. In celebration- and as a birthday gift to all of us- here are Jamie’s Top 38 moments:

(Note- some of these pictures are frustratingly dark. If you’re on a mobile device or your computer try increasing the brightness to see them better)

38. Bolting the door


Turtle soup for everyone!

37. Whispering sweet nothings to his baby niece


Ovaries exploding everywhere.

36. Fainting in the printshop 


Next time, Jamie, let me know and I’ll catch you.

35. Stealing the cotter pins 


Do you think those nuns at the Nonnberg Abbey in Austria took a page from the old Jamie Fraser playbook? Shout out to my sister who helped me remember this scene.

34. The dinner party brawl


Sometimes you and your awesome godfather just need to smack some dudes around.

33. Rescuing Young Ian from the printshop fire


You know your character is a hero when they rush into a burning building. Major thanks and respect to the men and women who do this every day.

32. Sparring with Jenny


Fraser fireworks.

31. Fear of needles…


Don’t think that Claire didn’t give that injection a little extra oomph.

30. …but willing to try acupuncture 


Seasickness is a bitch. Never let it be said that our Jamie isn’t open-minded.

29. “I can see down to your third rib.”


This look is everything.

28. This saucy jaunt through Edinburgh


This is the episode where we all fell in love with tricorne hats…

27. Fixing the mill


…and this is the episode where we all fell in love with water mills.

26. Dropping Geneva


Don’t we all wish we could all drop the annoying people in our lives into the mud?

25. Taking Laoghaire’s punishment


Speaking of annoying people. Still, this was undoubtedly a very Jamie thing to do.

24. Dueling in France


The ramifications of time travel be damned.

23. Keeping tabs on Claire’s menstrual cycle


Yep, this was smart and sexy. Men of the world: take note.

22. Looking for his white witch


He’d been holding out some small sliver of hope that he might see Claire again; sometimes acceptance of loss comes in the form of a freezing open water swim and an abandoned island.

21. Shooting the Earl of Ellesmere


What do you do when a deranged old man is holding a knife to your newborn son? You swiftly defuse the threat like a total badass.

20. Giving Fergus his name


A man with so many aliases uses his real name with care and gives it with love.

19. Baptizing Willie


“Dinna fash, lad. I’ll remember you.”

18. The end of Blackjack Randall


This surreal-like sequence was beautifully choreographed and a testament to the talents of all involved.

17. Romantic beach running


I may or may not make my husband re-enact this with me this summer.

16. Saying goodbye to Faith


The grief was palpable from both actors during this exquisitely sad scene.

15. Sparing the life of young Lord John Grey


Besides marrying Claire, this is arguably the smartest thing Jamie ever did. The debt owed to him here saved his life after Culloden- and many times after that.

14. All debts paid


Here we get to see the honor in both these men. Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

13. “I suppose that means yer coming with me.”


Mmmhmmm. I’ll come with you, too. You can even pick me up and throw me over your shoulder, as suggested. Just saying.

12. Rescuing Ian from Abandawe


Jeez, this kid needs a lot of rescuing.

11. Forgiving Claire


In case you were wondering, this is what unconditional love looks like.

10. Surrendering to the British


Exchanging one prison for another for the sake of family. Also, this man is very handsome.

9. Taking Claire to Craigh na Dun- the first time


When you love something, set it free (p.s. she came back)

8. Taking Claire to Craigh na Dun- the second time


The ultimate sacrifice for both of them. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

7. Healing in the Abbey


Sometimes the path to loving ourselves is through loving others.

6. Blood of my blood


Everything about this scene- from the actors to the dialogue to the costumes- was gorgeous.

5. “Not one that is mine.” 


Not much to say here, especially considering most of us have watched this episode at least ten times. Super sexy, super romantic, super Jamie.

4. Letting Claire fix his shoulder


Where it all started. He felt it, she felt it, we all felt it.

3. The most amazing water rescue ever


Nothing says hero like diving into the ocean to rescue your wife during a hurricane. Arguably the most emotional and suspenseful two minutes of the series to date.

2. “The first man forward will be the first man down.”


Couldn’t you just feel the intense rage coming off of this man? Say what you will about Jamie Fraser, he knows how to make a dramatic entrance— and he looks pretty damn good doing it.

1. “I’ll thank ye to take your hands off my wife”


Our Top Jamie moment. Everything about this was great— the bravery, the impeccable timing, the one-liner, the look on Randall’s face, and Jamie Fraser looking ridiculously handsome while crouched in a window.

Thanks for playing along! What did I miss? We will have to update our list next year; rumor has it a bear might be involved.

Until then,


p.s. If you want to get Sam a great birthday present might I suggest a donation to his select charity, Cahonas Scotland? It works to promote testicular cancer education and awareness.  Click here to donate.




All photo credits owed to STARZ




5 thoughts on “38 for 38”

  1. Sleeping outside Claire’s door at the Inn to protect her from the drunk men downstairs – melted my ♥️. There are probably 38 more…good job!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, I agree with them all! There are just too many to choose from. The spanking scene? The one where he promised never to spank her again? So many! Well done!


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