A Sassenach’s Mother’s Day

Still stuck on what to get that special someone in your world for Mother’s Day? Never fear, I have you covered.

Call your mom or pay her a visit if you can…


Moms of adult children want nothing more than to hear from their kids or have a quality visit. If your mom is two hundred years in the past, however, I’m not quite sure how to remedy that. Hopefully you have a good mobile plan.

…or for mothers of young children, some time to ourselves.

We love those little munchkins but Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ we are exhausted. Let moms of young kids sleep in, spend a little time alone, and maybe go to the bathroom in peace. Fun fact: we like to pee uninterrupted, especially if we’re working wool with our friends.

Please don’t make a mess for us to clean up.


Breakfast in bed, adorable gardening ventures, and cute art projects are all sincerely appreciated. But please clean up the kitchen, glue sticks, and potting shed  afterward. I’m looking at you, Frank.

Go big or go home.


Plan that trip to Scotland, spring for the Outlander convention, or buy that collector set of Diana’s novels. You and/or mom deserve it. As far as giving Jamie Fraser, though, I’m afraid that can’t be helped. Besides, I hear he’s married.

Take care of yourself- for your mom and for your own children.


Real talk. I was pretty cavalier about sun exposure my whole life until I was diagnosed with melanoma at the age of 35. Luckily it was still Stage 1 and you’d better believe I am now obsessive about sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. But it was a good wake-up call; we need to take care of ourselves for the sake of our loved ones. So eat more fruits and veggies, go for longer walks, practice mindfulness, see your doctor and dentist, get that mammogram, and go get those moles checked.

Happy Mother’s Day, Sassenachs.


Got a funny freckle? Check out the ABCDE’s of melanoma here.

3 thoughts on “A Sassenach’s Mother’s Day”

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