Make an Oath

It seems Santa came a bit early this year, as over the course of one week we were not only gifted this stunning Season 5 key art:

But we were also treated to the first few minutes of Episode 501 (credit to Outlander America’s YouTube channel):

Awwww. That gave me all the feels. Let’s discuss all of it…but fairly briefly. I have presents to wrap, eggnog to chug, and cats and children to herd away from the Christmas tree.

The key art and this preview were very likely released in tandem because they focus around a central theme of making promises and pledging devotion. And if you’ve read The Fiery Cross, you know we are gearing up for a whole season of people swearing loyalty to kinsman and countryman.

We open with Murtagh pledging to serve a grieving Jamie as his godfather, protector, and friend to the end of his days (and that better not be any foreshadowing because I will be gutted if they saved Murtagh once only to kill him off again).

Cut to Jamie and Roger having a man-to-man on the day of what I assume is Brianna and Roger’s wedding. A vow of marriage is essentially a rewording of the promises Murtagh gives to Jamie: an affirmation to stand by the person you love, for better or worse, until the end of our days.

It’s a declaration of allegiance, if you will, which brings us to the larger drama we will see unfold this season. Never immune to the fallout of political discontent, the Frasers and MacKenzies will find themselves barreling toward the Revolutionary War. While others will pledge their loyalty to a king, others will pledge their loyalty to an emerging democracy.

And thus Season 5 asks us to make an oath to friendship, family, and country. When we love someone (or something)- whether it be our godchild, our spouse, or our democracy- we love them through good times and bad, in sickness and in health. We challenge each other and grow. We work to continually strive toward a more perfect union, whatever union that might be.


5 thoughts on “Make an Oath”

  1. Excellent and beautiful as always Tracy. I also think we will see the blood oath from Roger to Jemmy as part of the wedding. This first episode will hit on that theme from beginning to end to set up the season.

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  2. the word “oath” is a good topic to discuss. It is illustrated in Outlander many times as it should be, not as many people of today interpret it. An oath, a promise, even a handshake have lost much of their forever, not-to be-broken meaning.


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