Je t’aime… beaucoup

Welp, here we are. Just over two weeks into Droughtlander 2019. How are we doing? Rationing our supplies wisely? Do we need to send for reinforcements?

My feelings on Droughtlander.

In case you’ve somehow managed to avoid Target since December 26, you might not be aware that Valentine’s Day is this week. Not to worry! I have your Outlander Season 4 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide right here. Use this as your own shopping reference or pass it along to that someone special in your life.

5. Gemstones

Handy for time-travel (spontaneous or planned) or for dinner conversation, a precious stone is always a visual stunner. Pro tip: trust your sources. DO buy from a reputable dealer. DON’T go for stones wedged out from the oral cavity of a convicted felon.

4. Jewelry

A Valentine’s Day classic, you can never go wrong with a nice piece of jewelry. Unless, of course, said jewelry is obtained by trading your cousin’s husband to a tribe five hundred miles away. In which case your Valentine’s Day just got a whole lot more interesting and might I invite myself over to watch?

3. Whisky

Word on the street is it makes for great foreplay. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend throwing it in someone’s face but, hey, whatever works. If a devilishly handsome man ends up in your bed in the end, who am I to argue?

2. A ring

Yes, I know rings are technically jewelry, but they typically signify a bit more of a commitment. Take care around small children…and homicidal psychopaths. I hear they’re choking hazards (the rings and the psychopaths).

1. Something personal

In all seriousness, I’ve always found the best way to someone’s heart is to let them know you appreciate their brain. Medical chests, drawing supplies, a good book…nothing says “I Love You” more than respecting someone’s intelligence.

Things to avoid this holiday? Blackmailing someone into marriage, proposing to your cousin, dolls from measles-infected towns, fish from the other side of the treaty line…you know, the usual.

I’d like Lord John, if anyone’s asking.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my fellow fans! Whatever the holiday brings you, I hope you find some romance…even if that means just curling up on the couch and binge-watching Season 4 again.


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